What 2022 UTME Candidates Must know about Institutions they Consider as choice of School

What 2022 UTME Candidates Must know about Institution they wich Consider

Put to mind that a lot of potential UTME candidates frequently register for the JAMB exam without the knowledge of the right school to select.  Now If you are among such and you are reading this brief note, then you need to adequately be preparing for these 2022 JAMB exams the reason for this information is to guide you not to make mistakes when choosing the right institution as you want to study.


Now you must understand that your choice of school has the tendency to delay you from securing admission into or mare your studies even when you have managed to gain admission into the very school.

What 2022 UTME Candidates Must know about Institution they wich Consider
What 2022 UTME Candidates Must know about Institution they wich Consider

Before, embanking for admission below are the things potential candidates must put to mind before their choice institutions have been selected

1. Confirm if the school and the course you want to study has been Accredited

A lot of candidates have failed to see that this is one of the most important parts when selecting a school/university. Note some of the universities/schools run courses that are not yet accredited yet by NUC or other relevant agencies. So ensure you make your research, and select the schools/universities that have been accredited by NUC.  if not it will be considered,  that you have been wasting your time and resources, and energy.

2. Catchment Area of The school:

Of cause, a very necessary thing, the catchment area is also important.  Being part of a school/university catchment can favor you during the process of admission. For example,  UNILAG catchment areas are Lagos,  Osun Oyo, Ekiti, and Ogun.  The cut-off marks for these catchment areas are always lesser than the merit cut-off mark.  It doesn’t also mean that you cannot apply for admission into any of the universities if you are not from the catchment areas but a point to consider.  Now, these Catchment areas only give the candidates from that state privileges during the processing for admission properly.


3.  History on Strikes Of The School/University:

Now aside from ASUU and ASUP strikes, some schools are prone to internal strikes which are not necessary and can possibly interrupt your academic activities and prolong your stay in the school. So research very well to know if the school you intend to select is prone to internal strikes all the time because you may regret it.

4. The Admission Requirements Of the School:

Admission requirements into some of the Nigerian schools differ, so before applying to anyone of them,  ensure you meet up those requirements.  For example, in some schools JAMB cut-off is 200 while in some, it is less than 200. Research for admission process that was done by those ahead of you or student of that said to avoid any form of complication.

5. Learn how to calculate the screening point of the University:

Note, some schools use O’level grading to screen candidates while some other schools conduct aptitude tests as their own screening method so whichever way be smart to know it. if you have a very good O’level result you are good to go, you will likely do well if your school of choice screens candidates using just JAMB scores and O’level results that I know for sure.

I believe I have given you the sense to put you on track in other not to encounter issues during or before admission

Thanks for your time.